Friday, January 4, 2008

An almost imaginary or true tale…

Once there was a small boy, although in fact he was not that small at all. He grew bigger and taller more quickly than his peers. While gentle and of good nature in his temper, he was at the same time sluggish, lacking in ambition to fulfil his true potential. Often during the afternoons, the kids would go down to the river and play in the water, learning over time – with the help of the local basket maker – how to swim. Not so our boy. He was tall enough to get down on his knees in the water, his head still emerging from the surface and while moving his arms in even strokes, pretending he was in fact swimming like all the other kids.

Years would go by and the kids would grow into adults, assuming various professions in the local village. Then one day, after it had been raining incessantly for days, the big flood came, overwhelming most of the village and housings. Most villagers escaped swimming to higher ground. Sadly, not so our erstwhile boy. No longer able to pretend to be capable to swim, he drowned in the floods.