Friday, July 17, 2009

The Prince and the Butterflies - A Fairy-Tale

The Prince and the Butterflies

Once upon a time there was a handsome prince, living in his castle with two towers. But despite the fact that the prince lived in this beautiful castle and was well liked by his people, he was a sad prince. He was sad because his lover, the princess, lived in a far away country and he could not reach his princess because the evil king would not let anyone come near his daughter. To make sure that the prince would not get to the princess, the evil king closed the borders of his empire and would not let anyone into his country without a special paper, sealed with the blood of the king.

And, as much as the prince tried to get one of these entry papers, he could not get one. He was refused entry many, many times.

So every day the prince became sadder and sadder because he loved the princess so much and the princess replicated his feelings.

Then, one day, after a dream full of longings for his princess, the prince woke up and saw two butterflies locked up in one of his towers. The two butterflies were a couple, king and queen of the butterfly fairy land. The prince went over to them, looked at the beautiful colours of their wings and tossed the windows of the tower wide open, so that the butterflies could escape, yet not without looking back at the sad and handsome prince.

The next morning a butterfly fairy came to see the prince. She said that she was sent by the butterfly king to reward the prince for letting the butterfly couple free. The prince said that all he wanted was to get to his princess in that far away, closed country. At once the butterfly fairy gave the prince some large, blue wings which grew out of his body. The prince rose up, tossed his new wings once or twice and started to fly. He rose up all into the sky, circled a few times over his castle and then flew over the closed borders of the evil king’s empire.

Because he flew so high up over the borders, the guards did not see him and could not stop him. So he eventually reached his princess, kissed her first gently, then passionately, and then even kissed her some more.

And so they lived happily ever after…

Any resemblance to real characters and events is purely coincidental.

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