Thursday, May 21, 2009

Decision to Shoot

“…There is no way that a single person can have a truly comprehensive view of the world, but it is possible for him to conceive of an outline of its totality. It is therefore from the gap between his perceptions of cruel reality and his weltanschauung – in other words, from the interplay between the extremes of the real and the ideal, as they are juxtaposed in his shutter – that meaning arises.

It is without question precisely in this juxtaposition that one can find the potential relevance of photography to history, culture, and politics most closely approaching the realm of probability. One may never be able to discover anything as enigmatic as “the truth” in a photograph, but if one were to settle for something close to it, it may be that is consists of neither an absolute affirmation nor an absolute denial of anything, but something between the two…”

[from Daido Moriyama: The decision to shoot.]

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