Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dubai (1)

Well, it is about time to bite my teeth into a proper and full blown story again... I will be in Dubai for the next three weeks, together with my friend and fellow photographer Thomas . We have been planning this trip for a good four months now and it is time to get started... However, the more I have read and researched the place in advance as part of my preparation, the more I got confused... and the more I have realised that I have merely scratched the surface of putting a framework together in my head from which to gain an understanding of the place... Also from the stories and books I have read and from the images I have looked at, most are either very positive and almost jubilant about Dubai‘s achievements and regard it as a role model for the Middle Eastern region; or they are bedevilling and ridiculing the city state... I have a hunch that the truth lies somewhere in the middle... I am hoping to find out for myself...

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Holger said...

glad you have the balls to go to dubai ;-)
i'm looking forward to your account.