Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dubai (10): TV Show

Through a series of quirky coincidences, Thomas and I ended up on Friday night in the audience of an Arabian TV show. The show was a mix of American Idol, X factor and game show where contestants had to throw a stylised gun in the air and perform some traditional dance moves to it... Then a jury voted and commented on the performance (think of a civilised version of Dieter Bohlen or Simon Cowell)... The audience - as probably in most German, English and US „reality“ shows - was paid for and mostly of second generation Pakistani, Bangladeshi or Yemenite origin, though in traditional UAE garb with dishdashas... I was hoping to meet some „true“ locals... Interestingly, through conversations with some of my immediate neighbours in the audience, most of them „feel“ like UAE citizens (without the citizenship however)... and have shed their connection to their erstwhile home country...

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