Thursday, January 29, 2009

документалистика и поэзия

The German filmmaker Werner Herzog said that he is less interested in an accountant's truth in his documentaries. It is one thing to portray something and give an inventory of facts, and quite another to use those facts to your own ends, to achieve something that Herzog defines as an ecstatic and experiential truth. I would aspire to push my own photography closer to poetry than documentary.

хищник [43]

Photo: courtesy of D. Goltvenko

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[O.T. (4)]

“Call it knowledge, call it acknowledgement – of one thing we can be sure, about this distinctively modern way of experiencing anything: the seeing, and the accumulation of fragments of seeing, can never be completed.”

Susan Sontag: At the Same Time. (published 2007).

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I shall live...

"I intend to do have one way of evaluating experience—does it cause me pleasure or pain, and I shall be very cautious about rejecting the painful—I shall anticipate pleasure everywhere and find it too, for it is everywhere! I shall involve myself wholly...everything matters!"

Susan Sontag: Reborn: Journals and Notebooks, 1947-1964.

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