Sunday, April 10, 2011

It was a Rose | Dead Confederate

It Was a Rose

Is this thing loaded or is it broken?
Is it ready for the road?
This we’ve encountered, is it a flower? Is it pretty? Is it a rose?
My higher power has counted the hours, in his kingdom bored as stone.
The devils a waiter, he won’t chase you, sits cross-legged, waiting at home.
Waiting at home.
Wait on, wait on for us to
Get gone, to get gone….
I should’ve listened, it was a good one, I was crazy and left alone
What I encountered, It was a flower, it was pretty, it was a rose.
Wait on, wait on for us to
Get gone, to get gone….

(Words and Music by Dead Confederate)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Head and the Heart & The Low Anthem at Mousonturm

The Tree is Dead

The Tree is Dead

A tree will be standing, barren of leaves and life,
Long before you realise that the tree is rotten to the core,
Long before you comprehend that the tree has been dead for ages.
Cling on to this tree, and you cling on to your own decay.
Persist in hugging the dead tree and you suffocate the dreams in you,
Carry on embracing the past and you obliterate what could be your future...

[From the poem collection „On the Verge of Reality“ by Roman Beljajev | Copyright © 1966]