Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Blueberry Nights...

I went to see the new Wong Kar Wai movie last night… a fabulous movie! Despite what the critics said, there is a very lyrical narrative with awesome dialogues and witty lines… essentially a woman’s (and man’s) quest for love… nothing less… It is also littered with metaphors and very allusive.

However, most of all, this movie is a photographic feast. Wong Kar Wai builds on the visual language of his previous films like “In the Mood for Love”, “Happy Together”, and above all “2046”. His main stylistic elements are shots through window panes, wide open lenses with selective focus and trademark blurred ‘stuff’ in the foreground with the main ‘action’ happening in the background… well, you cannot describe this... oh, and don't forget the striking colours... you have to see it… After all, these are visual elements…

The movie also has a great soundtrack with songs from Cat Power and, of course, Norah Jones who is also the main actress… next to a really sexy Rachel Weisz… and a more down to earth Natalie Portman.

A fabulous movie!

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